1: Bluebirds love mealworms as a favorite food, providing essential protein and nutrients for their diet.

2: Dried fruits like raisins are also a favorite treat for bluebirds, offering a sweet and nutritious snack.

3: Bluebirds are known to enjoy suet, a high-energy food source made from animal fat and protein.

4: Berries, such as blueberries and elderberries, are a delicious option that bluebirds relish in their diet.

5: Waxworms are another tasty option that bluebirds love to eat, providing a good source of fat and protein.

6: Insects like ants and caterpillars are a natural and abundant food source that bluebirds actively seek out.

7: Nuts, such as peanuts and almonds, can be supplemented in a bluebird's diet to provide additional protein and fats.

8: Fresh water is essential for bluebirds to stay hydrated and healthy, especially during hot summer months.

9: By offering a variety of these favorite foods, you can attract and support a thriving population of bluebirds in your garden.