1: "Discover the latest US restaurant trends! From plant-based menus to ghost kitchens, find out what's hot and what's not."

2: "Online ordering and contactless payments are hot trends. Buffets and communal dining are not as popular in US restaurants today."

3: "Farm-to-table dining and locally sourced ingredients are hot in US restaurants. Chain restaurants and processed foods are not in demand."

4: "Unique dining experiences like pop-up dinners are trending in US restaurants. Overly extravagant menus and large portion sizes are not."

5: "Outdoor dining and rooftop bars are in high demand. Dimly lit dining rooms and loud music are not as popular in US restaurants."

6: "Virtual cooking classes and chef collaborations are hot trends. Pre-fixed menus and limited options are not as appealing to diners."

7: "Food halls and food trucks are popular choices for dining out. Traditional white tablecloth restaurants and fine dining are not as trendy."

8: "Zero-waste practices and sustainable menus are hot in US restaurants. Styrofoam packaging and single-use plastics are not environmentally friendly choices."

9: "Community-driven restaurants and local partnerships are on the rise. Generic chain restaurants and cookie-cutter menus are not as exciting for diners."