1: Introducing the Moonlit Garden: a serene oasis under the stars. Discover the top 5 plants to enhance the magic of moonlight in your garden.

2: Lavender: fragrant and calming, this perennial herb thrives under the gentle glow of the moon, attracting pollinators and soothing the senses.

3: Moonflower: a night-blooming vine with large, white flowers that open in the evening and emit a sweet scent that beckons the moon's light.

4: Silver Falls Dichondra: cascading silver leaves shimmer in the moonlight, creating a striking contrast against dark foliage.

5: Lily of the Valley: delicate and romantic, these bell-shaped flowers release a sweet fragrance that lingers in the night air, perfect for moonlit strolls.

6: Russian Sage: with its silvery foliage and lavender-blue flowers, this perennial adds a touch of elegance to the moonlit garden.

7: White Butterfly Bush: attracts nocturnal pollinators with its sweet fragrance and clusters of white flowers that shine under the moon's glow.

8: Golden Japanese Forest Grass: the bright, chartreuse foliage of this ornamental grass creates a stunning focal point in the moonlit garden.

9: Create your own moonlit paradise with these top 5 plants, and let the magic of the moon transform your garden into a tranquil oasis.