1: "Discover the top plants for a pollinator-friendly garden. Help bees, butterflies, and other pollinators thrive in your backyard."

2: "Lavender: a fragrant favorite of bees. Plant in full sun for best results. Enjoy beautiful blooms all summer long."

3: "Milkweed: essential for monarch butterflies. Choose native species to support these important pollinators in your garden."

4: "Bee balm: attracts bees and hummingbirds with its colorful blooms. Plant in moist soil for optimum growth and pollinator activity."

5: "Sunflower: a cheerful addition to any garden. Bees love the bright blooms and birds enjoy the seeds in the fall."

6: "Goldenrod: a late summer bloomer that provides nectar for bees and butterflies. A hardy plant that thrives in many conditions."

7: "Butterfly bush: as the name suggests, a favorite of butterflies. Plant in full sun and enjoy the endless parade of pollinators."

8: "Coneflower: a native plant with colorful blooms that attract bees and butterflies. Easy to grow and drought-tolerant."

9: "Borage: loved by bees for its nectar-rich flowers. Add this herb to your garden for a pop of blue and pollinator activity."