1: Introduction to Water Gardens Discover the beauty of water gardens with aquatic plants that thrive in watery environments.

2: Water Lilies Admire the stunning blooms of water lilies in various colors and sizes for a serene water garden.

3: Lotus Bring a touch of elegance to your water garden with striking lotus plants that symbolize purity and beauty.

4: Water Hyacinth Add a pop of color with vibrant water hyacinths that float gracefully on the water's surface.

5: Cattails Create a natural look with cattails that provide vertical interest and attract birds and wildlife to your water garden.

6: Water Lettuce Enjoy the delicate beauty of water lettuce as it floats on the water and provides shade and shelter for aquatic life.

7: Pickerelweed Add texture and color to your water garden with pickerelweed, a hardy plant that thrives in shallow waters.

8: Horsetail Incorporate horsetail into your water garden for a contemporary look and structural interest with its tall, bamboo-like appearance.

9: Arrowhead Bring a touch of the wild to your water garden with arrowhead plants, known for their arrow-shaped leaves and white flowers.