1: Discover the top plants for a desert garden- tough, drought-tolerant, and beautiful.

2: Agave: striking foliage and low-water needs make this a desert favorite.

3: Yucca: tough as nails and adds a sculptural element to your garden.

4: Succulents: wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes for endless possibilities.

5: Cacti: iconic desert plants with unique forms and minimal water requirements.

6: Lavender: fragrant, drought-resistant, and attracts pollinators to your garden.

7: Daylilies: vibrant blooms and low-maintenance make these a desert garden must.

8: Russian Sage: airy, fragrant, and drought-tolerant for a carefree garden.

9: Lantana: vibrant flowers attract butterflies and thrive in hot, dry conditions.