1: Title: Orchid Pruning Guide Content: Learn the best pruning techniques for beautiful orchid blooms.

2: Title: Why Prune Orchids? Content: Pruning promotes growth, enhances blooms, and maintains plant health.

3: Title: Tools for Pruning Orchids Content: Use clean shears or scissors to trim dead or overgrown sections.

4: Title: When to Prune Orchids Content: Prune after flowering or when growth slows to encourage new blooms.

5: Title: Pruning Steps Content: Trim old spikes, roots, and yellow leaves for a tidy and healthy orchid.

6: Title: Tips for Pruning Success Content: Avoid over-pruning and always sterilize tools to prevent infections.

7: Title: Mistakes to Avoid Content: Don't cut healthy parts, overwater after pruning, or neglect maintenance.

8: Title: Care After Pruning Content: Keep orchids in proper light, temperature, and humidity for optimal growth.

9: Title: Pruning Recap Content: Maintain healthy orchids for vibrant blooms with regular and proper pruning.