1: Orchid Pest Control: Introduction Learn about common pests that can harm your orchids and how to identify and eliminate them.

2: Aphids Small, pear-shaped insects that suck sap from orchid leaves. Control by spraying with insecticidal soap.

3: Mealybugs White, cottony insects that feed on orchid sap. Remove by dabbing with alcohol-soaked cotton swabs.

4: Scale Insects Tiny insects that attach to orchid stems, leaves, and roots. Control by scraping off or using neem oil.

5: Spider Mites Microscopic pests that spin webs on orchid leaves. Control by spraying with water or insecticidal soap.

6: Thrips Tiny insects that feed on orchid flowers and leaves. Control by removing affected leaves and flowers.

7: Whitefly Small, white insects that fly around orchid plants. Control by hanging sticky traps or using insecticidal soap.

8: Fungus Gnats Small flies that lay eggs in orchid soil. Control by letting soil dry out and using yellow sticky traps.

9: Prevention Tips Keep orchids healthy by providing proper air circulation, avoiding overwatering, and regularly inspecting for pests.