1: Discover how to attract hummingbirds with nectar in your garden. Learn about their favorite flowers and feeders.

2: Plant bright blooms like fuchsia and salvia to entice these tiny birds. Hang a hummingbird feeder filled with homemade nectar.

3: Enjoy the sight of hummingbirds darting around your yard. Provide a shady spot for them to rest and perch.

4: Create a nectar recipe using four parts water to one part sugar. Change the solution every few days to keep it fresh.

5: Avoid using red food coloring in your nectar mix. It can harm the hummingbirds and is unnecessary for attracting them.

6: Add a mister or fountain to your garden for hummingbirds to bathe and cool off. Keep your feeders clean to prevent mold growth.

7: Plant native wildflowers to attract hummingbirds naturally. Avoid pesticides in your garden to protect these delicate creatures.

8: Watch hummingbirds perform aerial acrobatics as they feed on nectar. Provide a variety of flowers to keep them coming back.

9: Create a welcoming habitat for hummingbirds with nectar-rich plants and feeders. Enjoy the beauty and grace of these fascinating birds.