1: Welcome to Hummingbird Hotspot: The ultimate guide to creating a garden that attracts and nourishes these magical creatures.

2: Plant native flowers like bee balm, cardinal flower, and salvia to provide nectar for hummingbirds year-round.

3: Incorporate hummingbird feeders filled with a mixture of water and sugar to supplement their natural diet.

4: Provide shelter with trees and shrubs for hummingbirds to rest and protect themselves from predators.

5: Create a water feature like a small pond or fountain to attract hummingbirds with the sound of flowing water.

6: Avoid using pesticides and herbicides in your garden to protect hummingbirds from harmful chemicals.

7: Hang wind chimes or shiny objects near flowers to attract hummingbirds with movement and reflection.

8: Install bird baths or misters to provide hummingbirds with a source of clean water for bathing and drinking.

9: By following these tips, you can cultivate a garden that captivates hummingbirds and provides them with a safe and welcoming habitat.