1: Welcome to Hummingbird Haven, where you'll discover 10 ways to attract these enchanting creatures to your backyard.

2: 1. Plant bright, tubular flowers like salvia and bee balm to attract hummingbirds with their nectar-rich blooms.

3: 2. Hang multiple hummingbird feeders with red accents to catch their attention and provide a sweet nectar solution.

4: 3. Add a water feature like a shallow birdbath or mister to provide hummingbirds with a refreshing drink and place to cool off.

5: 4. Place perches near feeders for hummingbirds to rest and observe their surroundings while they refuel.

6: 5. Use native plants to attract hummingbirds, as they are more likely to recognize and be drawn to familiar blooms.

7: 6. Avoid using pesticides in your garden to protect hummingbirds and other beneficial insects that pollinate your plants.

8: 7. Hang shiny objects near feeders to catch the sunlight and attract curious hummingbirds to investigate.

9: 8. Provide nesting materials like soft moss, feathers, and hair to encourage hummingbirds to build their nests in your backyard sanctuary.