1: Cold feet can be a sign of poor blood circulation due to clogged arteries. Don't ignore this warning signal from your body.

2: If you experience leg pain while walking, it could be a sign of peripheral artery disease. Get your arteries checked by a doctor.

3: Swelling in your feet and ankles could indicate artery blockages. Don't dismiss this symptom as simple fatigue.

4: Changes in skin color or temperature in your feet may be a sign of artery blockages. Listen to your body's signals.

5: Slow-healing wounds on your feet could be a result of poor blood flow from clogged arteries. Consult a healthcare professional.

6: Numbness or tingling in your feet can be a sign of nerve damage caused by artery blockages. Get a proper diagnosis from a doctor.

7: Foot ulcers that don't heal can be a sign of poor circulation from clogged arteries. Don't delay seeking medical help.

8: Hair loss on your feet may be a vascular warning sign. Pay attention to changes in your body for possible artery issues.

9: Regularly examine your feet for any signs of artery blockages. Early detection can help prevent serious health complications.