1 "Prep your work area with newspaper. Gently remove orchid from old pot. Examine roots for damage."

2 "Trim damaged roots with sterilized scissors. Place orchid in new pot with fresh orchid mix."

3 "Secure orchid with added mix. Water lightly. Do not overwater. Place in bright, indirect light."

4 "Mist orchid leaves regularly. Monitor growth. Water when top inch of mix feels dry."

5 "Feed orchid with balanced fertilizer during growing season. Monitor for pests. Enjoy beautiful blooms."

6 "Repot orchid every 1-2 years. Choose a slightly larger pot. Trim overgrown roots as needed."

7 "Observe orchid for signs of stress. Adjust care accordingly. Provide adequate humidity and ventilation."

8 "Keep orchid away from drafts and extreme temperatures. Repotting promotes healthy growth and blooming."

9 "Enjoy the beauty and rewards of successfully repotting your orchid. Watch for new growth and blooms to come."