1: "Tanagers are beautiful birds that can be attracted to your feeder easily with the right food options."

2: "Provide a variety of fruits like oranges, berries, and apples to attract Tanagers to your bird feeder."

3: "Offer mealworms or insects as a protein-rich food option to entice Tanagers to visit your feeder."

4: "Include a water source like a birdbath near your feeder to attract Tanagers and keep them hydrated."

5: "Plant native trees and shrubs that produce berries and fruits to attract Tanagers to your backyard."

6: "Keep your bird feeder clean and free of mold to prevent harming the Tanagers you are trying to attract."

7: "Place your feeder in a quiet and safe location away from predators to attract more Tanagers."

8: "Use a platform or tray feeder to accommodate the large size of Tanagers and make it easier for them to feed."

9: "Patience is key when trying to attract Tanagers to your feeder. Be consistent with your offerings and enjoy the colorful visitors."