1: "Provide a variety of foods like mealworms and suet to attract robins to your bird feeder."

2: "Add a fresh water source near the feeder to entice robins to visit your yard."

3: "Plant native trees and shrubs to create a habitat that attracts robins to your yard."

4: "Avoid using chemicals in your yard to create a safe environment for robins to feed."

5: "Create sheltered spots near the feeder for robins to feel safe while feeding."

6: "Keep your bird feeder clean and well-stocked to attract robins on a regular basis."

7: "Offer ripe fruits like berries and apples to attract robins to your feeder."

8: "Place the feeder in an open area where robins can easily spot it from above."

9: "Patience is key - keep providing food and water to attract robins to your bird feeder."