1: Chipmunk Repellent Plants Discover 8 plants that deter chipmunks from nibbling in your garden. Keep your plants safe and chipmunk-free with these natural repellents.

2: Lavender Not just a pretty flower, lavender's strong scent repels chipmunks. Plant it near vulnerable plants to keep chipmunks away from your garden.

3: Daffodils Bright and beautiful daffodils emit a scent that chipmunks dislike. Plant these bulbs around your garden to deter chipmunks from feasting on your plants.

4: Hyssop Hyssop's strong aroma is unappealing to chipmunks, making it an effective repellent. Add this herb to your garden to keep chipmunks at bay.

5: Marigolds Colorful marigolds not only add beauty to your garden but also repel chipmunks with their strong scent. Grow these flowers to protect your plants.

6: Geraniums Fragrant geraniums are known to deter chipmunks from munching on your plants. Plant these flowers in your garden to keep chipmunks away.

7: Catmint While beloved by cats, catmint is disliked by chipmunks. Plant this minty herb in your garden to discourage chipmunks from nibbling on your plants.

8: Allium Allium plants, such as onions and garlic, emit a strong odor that chipmunks find unpleasant. Plant these bulbs to naturally repel chipmunks from your garden.

9: Fritillaries Fritillaries produce a scent that chipmunks avoid, making them an effective deterrent. Plant these flowers to protect your garden from chipmunk nibbling.