1: Bluebirds and cliff swallows face challenges from invasive sparrows in nesting habitats. Learn how you can help protect native bird populations.

2: Provide nest boxes and shelters for bluebirds and cliff swallows to help them compete with sparrows for nesting sites.

3: Control invasive sparrow populations through humane trapping and removal methods to protect native bird species.

4: Plant native vegetation in your yard to attract bluebirds and cliff swallows and provide them with essential food sources.

5: Monitor and report invasive sparrow sightings to local wildlife authorities to prevent further impact on native bird populations.

6: Volunteer with conservation organizations to help protect bluebirds and cliff swallows from invasive sparrow threats.

7: Support research efforts to better understand the behavior and habitat requirements of bluebirds and cliff swallows.

8: Advocate for stronger regulations and policies to control invasive species and protect native bird populations.

9: Spread awareness about the challenges faced by bluebirds and cliff swallows and inspire others to take action in their conservation.