1: Welcome to the world of hummingbirds! Discover how to attract these delightful creatures with easy-to-grow plants in your garden.

2: Lure hummingbirds with vibrant blooms of bee balm, a favorite nectar source. Plant in full sun for best results.

3: Create a hummingbird haven with the trumpet-shaped flowers of coral honeysuckle. This native plant thrives in both sun and shade.

4: Entice hummingbirds with the tubular flowers of cardinal flower. Plant in moist, rich soil for a stunning display.

5: Add beauty to your garden with the vibrant red flowers of columbine. Hummingbirds love sipping nectar from these delicate blooms.

6: Attract hummingbirds with the long-blooming spikes of salvia. This drought-tolerant plant is a magnet for these tiny birds.

7: Plant the trumpet-shaped blossoms of penstemon to draw hummingbirds to your garden. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

8: Watch hummingbirds flock to the bright orange flowers of lantana. This easy-to-care-for plant blooms all season long.

9: Grow the pendulous flowers of fuchsia to enchant hummingbirds. Hang baskets of these delicate blooms for a stunning display.