1: "Discover 7 plants that naturally repel moles and protect your yard from damage."

2: "Mint plants emit a strong scent that moles dislike, making them an effective repellent."

3: "Castor bean plants produce a toxin that drives moles away from your garden."

4: "Daffodils contain toxic alkaloids that deter moles from burrowing in your yard."

5: "Allium plants, like garlic and onions, repel moles with their pungent smell."

6: "Marigolds emit a strong odor that moles find unpleasant, keeping them at bay."

7: "Fritillaria plants produce a smell that moles avoid, protecting your garden."

8: "Lavender plants not only repel moles but also add beauty and fragrance to your yard."

9: "Plant these moles repellant plants to keep your garden mole-free and beautiful."