1: "Mint repels mice with its strong scent and is easy to grow in your yard."

2: "Lavender's fragrant flowers deter mice and add beauty to your outdoor space."

3: "Daffodils not only look beautiful but also keep mice away from your garden."

4: "Marigolds release a strong odor that mice find unpleasant, making them an effective deterrent."

5: "Rosemary is a natural mouse repellent that also adds flavor to your dishes."

6: "Onions contain sulfur compounds that repel mice and can be easily grown in your yard."

7: "Grape hyacinths have a strong scent that mice dislike, keeping them out of your yard."

8: "Geraniums emit a scent that repels mice while adding color to your outdoor space."

9: "Lemongrass acts as a natural mouse deterrent and can be grown in pots or in your yard."